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3x + 7 = -4x + 28 implies 7x + 7 = 28

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Q: What mistake was made in this equation 3x plus 7 equals -4x plus 28 -x plus 7 equals 28 -x equals 21 x equals -21?
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What is AX squared plus BX plus C equals 0?

This equation is referred to the type of math known as Quadratics, and is used to find the probela ( probela is a high curve ark , a type of shape) PLEASE SEE, don't look up Quadratics on, made mistake on equation to find probela.

What is 2.5 plus 4.5 equals -8?

A mistake

Equation that can be expressed in the form of the equation y equals ax2 plus bx plus c?

A quadratic equation.

What is the sum of 216 plus 27 plus 33 plus 34 equals?

It would have been much qiucker to use your calculator. I can tell you that the answer is 310 but how do you know that I have not made a mistake?

What is the equation for -d plus 7 equals 3?

That's the equation.

What is the solution for the equation -x plus y equals 4 and the equation 2x plus y equals 4?

x = 0 and y = 4

What is the Equation for alcoholic fermentation?

The summary equation is the formula equation. Sugar equals alcohol plus carbon dioxide. The formula is C6H12O6 which equals 2 CH3CH2OH plus 2 CO2.

How would you solve x plus 3 equals sinx for x?

That equation is impossible to solve because Sin-1(3) is an impossible proportion in a triangle. Earlier in the problem you might have made a mistake. Or, if that is the whole problem you cannot deduce an answer because there is no value of X, Real or imaginary that works in that equation.

Is the number sentence 8 plus 2 equals 10 an expression or an equation?

That word "equals" in there makes it an equation.

What kind of equation is ax plus b equals 0 in?

A linear equation.

What is x plus y equals 11?

It is an equation of a straight line.

What is the soution for the equation x plus 1 equals x plus 2?

There is no solution since the equation is inconsistent.