What numbers make -96?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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There are infinitely many possible answers.

Start with the addition/subtraction of 2 numbers:

(-48,-48), (-49,-47), (-50,-46), and so on

then move to numbers with 1 decimal places (dp)

(-48.1,-47.9, (-48.2,-47.8) etc

and then 2 dp, 3 dp, and so on to infinitely many decimal places.

Then look at triplets of number, 4-tuples, 5-tuples etc. In each case, with integers, numbers with 1 dp, 2 dp and so on.

Then consider numbers that can be multiplied to make -96.

And then move to other functions that can be used, for example exp(ln(6)+ln(16))

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Q: What numbers make -96?
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