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Q: What object is a shape of a cuboid?
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Which object is the same shape as cuboid?

A smooth brick.

What does cuboid mean?

Cuboid means an object that is more less cubic in shape. A cube is a six sided shape that has six faces that face one another.

Definition of cuboid?

A cuboid is a box shaped solid object. It has six flat sides and all angles are right angles. It 's shape is a hexagon.

Objects that has a cuboid shape?

Any solid object. 'Cuboid' means 'cube like'. A selection of cubic shapes is an house brick, a plank of wood,

Is a cuboid 2d or 3d shape?

a cuboid is a 3 dimensional shape

Is 120cm3 a cuboid?

No, it is simply a cubic measure. The shape of the object is unspecified - UNLESS you mean [120cm]3.

What is the shape of a cuboid?

a box is good for cuboid

What does a cuboid in geometry mean?

A cuboid is a box shaped object where one of the sides is a rectangle or cube shape. It is made up of all right angles and the shape is most commonly used for building materials, boxes, storage and buildings.

What is the shape of a cereal box called?

It's a Rectangle! * * * * * Actually, as a 3-dimensional object, it is a rectangular prism or cuboid.

What is the percentage of a cuboid?

A cuboid is 100% of a cuboid and 0% of any other shape.

What is the difference between a cuboid and a rectangular prism?

a cuboid is a slightly different shape than a rectangular pirson! a rectangular prism has a triangle at to ends unlike the cuboid! A rectangular prism does not have TWO ends that are triangles! Still working on this.....

What is the shape of a base cuboid?

The base of a cuboid is a rectangle.