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Beans. Very large beans. That would be the kidneys.

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Q: What organs are shaped like beans?
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What are lymph nodes shaped like?

kidney beans

Why are they called kidney beans?

They are shaped like little kidneys

What are organs and shapes of flowers?

Organs of a flower include the male parts (stamens) comprising anthers and filaments, and the female part (pistil) consisting of the stigma, style, and ovary. Flowers can have various shapes like tubular, bell-shaped, star-shaped, or disc-shaped depending on the arrangement of these organs.

What are bean- shaped organs that filter blood?

The kidneys are bean shaped organs that filters blood and remove waste.

What are a pair of kidney shaped organs that clean blood?

The organs are simply called the Kidneys

What is the name of small bean shaped candies?

jelly beans?....

Why does my guinea pig poo jelly beans?

They don't poo out jelly beans . There poo may be the shape of jelly beans ...that's just the way there bottom is shaped

You have found some dark brownred larvae look a bit like kidney beans but are cone shaped with conical ridges?

Dark brown or red larvae that look like kidney beans but are cone shaped might be the larvae of the pine borer beetle or the cone beetle. This type of larvae is common and might belong to a variety of beetle species depending on your area and location.

How do butter beans look like?

They are oval shaped about 1/2 inch long and tan colored.

Small bean shaped organs?

Actually kidneys are not so small but are fist sized but are shaped like a kidney bean. They are the main organs of the urinary system. You can live without one or donate one but can't live without at least one (without using dialysis).

The main organs of the urinary system are two bean-shaped?


What are bean-shaped organs that trap and destoy foreign organisms?