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Q: What percentage of the sun is heat and what percentage is light?
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Do you get heat and light from the sun?

Yes, we get lots of heat and light from the sun.

Which layer produces heat and light for the sun?

The chromosphere produces the light and heat for the sun.

Is sun a source of heat and light?

Yes, the sun is the origin of heat and light in our biosphere.

What process makes the sun's heat light for kids?

the suns heat makes light the sun heat is orange which gives light

Does the sun burn off heat or light?

The sun emits both heat and light. The heat produced in the sun's core is generated by nuclear fusion reactions, while the light that we see is a result of this heat being radiated out into space in the form of electromagnetic radiation, which includes visible light.

Do the earth and moon make their own light and heat?

No, the earth and moon do not generate their own light and heat. The Earth receives light and heat from the Sun, while the Moon reflects light from the Sun.

What are the sources of heat and light in ancient Filipinos?

fire for heat,light and sun for light.

Does the light from the sun come from the heat of the sun?

yes, as the light travels it brings along heat to all of the planets.

Where do you get heat and light?

Heat and light can be generated from various sources such as the sun, fire, electricity, or chemical reactions. The sun is the primary source of both heat and light for Earth, while artificial sources like light bulbs and heaters use electricity to produce heat and light.

What is the primary source of light and heat?

sun is the primary source of heat and light......

What is the source of your heat and light?

the sun?

What are the functions of the sun?

Heat and light