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rectangleand the rhombus

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Q: What quadrangle has two sets of parallel side but is not a square?
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What is a quadrangle that has equal opposite angles but they are not right angles and the opposite side are parallel and are equal in length?


What is a quadrilateral with two sets of parallel side and right angles?

A quadrilateral with two sets of parallel side and right angles is called a rectangle. If all the sides are the same size it is also called a square.

What quadrangle as equal opposite angles but not right angles and opposite side are parallel and equal in length?

Any parallelogram, including rhombus, but not including rectangle or square.

What quadrangle has one pair of parallel sides and one right angle?

Such a quadrangle cannot exist. The right angle must be formed by one of the parallel sides and one of the non-parallel sides. Then the angle formed at the other end of that non-parallel side would also be a right angle (the non-parallel side would be a transversal intercepting the two parallels). But then the quadrangle has two right angles, and not just one. No its Trapezoid

What does quadrangle that has 2 pairs of parallel side and no right angles look like?

A rhombus for example

Explain why a square is a parallelogram and a rhombus?

A square is a parallelogram because it has two sets of parallel sides. It's a rhombus because every side is the same length.

You are a quadrangle have two pairs of parallel side of your angles are right angles you are not a square what are you?

parallelagram well specifically you would be a rectangle which has parallel sides like a square. a parallelogram can be a square or a rectangle because they all have parallel sides but only squares and rectangles have right angles on all sides. parallelograms have congruent sides which require acute and obtuse angles.

How many parallel sides does a square have?

A square has four parallel sides (two pairs of parallel sides).

What is a quadrangle with one right side?

a trapezoid would work as long as there is still one set of parallel lines and one set of non-parallel lines.

You are a polygon all your angles are right angles you have the same length on every side you are a quadrangle?

You are a square?

How many parallel side does a cube have?

Three sets of two

How do I Draw a quadrangle with no parallel sides?

Just draw one! It can help if all the sides are different lengths. Draw three of the sides, making sure that the first and third sides are not parallel, then draw the fourth side, making sure it is not parallel with its opposite side.