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You are a square?

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Q: You are a polygon all your angles are right angles you have the same length on every side you are a quadrangle?
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If a polygon has 20 angles how many sides does it have?

There is a corresponding side to every angle. 20... A polygon has as many sides as it does angles.

Definition of Regular Polygon?

Regular Polygon is a polygon that has all same length of sides and same degrees of angles. Ex: Regular Triangle 60degrees on every angle and 5cm in all sides. Regular Quadrilateral - Square

How can you determine the sum of the exterior angles of a given polygon?

You can do it by memorizing this statement:" The sum of the exterior angles of every polygon is 360 degrees. "

What is the sum of exterior angles for every polygon?

360 degrees.

What is the sum of the exterior angles of a ten sided regular polygon?

360, as it is for every regular polygon.

What polygon has angle measure that add up to 360 degrees?

The exterior angles of every polygon sum to 360 degrees. The interior angles of every quadrilateral sum to 360 degrees.

Is a rectangle a polygon with four right angles?

Yes it is. Also, there has to be 2 sets of equal length sides. Of course, there is 2 sets of sides with equal length every time unless it is a square.

How many sides and angles does every polygon have?

At least three of each.

How many exterior degrees does a four-sided polygon have?

The exterior angles of every polygon total 360 degrees.

Why does a polygon always have same amount of sides as angles?

Because Every Point On The Polygon Has The Same Amount Of Sides

Does a pentagon with one interior angle that measures 120 is it a polygon?

Every pentagon is a polygon, by definition - no matter what its angles are.

How can you use a polygon's sides or angles to name it?

by every letter on the vertex or side you can put a letter and that will name the polygon.

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