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Q: What quadrilateral has one acute angle and one obtuse angle?
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What shape is a quadrilateral with one acute angle and one obtuse angle?

Four SIdes

What quadrilateral has one obtuse angle and three acute angle?

A kite can satisfy those criteria.

What is a quadrilateral with 3 acute and 1 obtuse angle?

parallelogram with one diagonal

What quadrilateral has two right angles one acute angle one obtuse angle and two pair of parallel lines?


What is never true about a quadrilaterals?

a quadrilateral can contain 2 right angles,one obtuse and one acute angle.

Is it is it possible that a quadrilateral with only one right angle?

Yes, a quadrilateral just need to have 4 sides. Quad- means 4 and -lateral means sides. To have only one tight angle, it has to be either a right angle with 2 acute angles and 1 obtuse angle OR a right angle with 2 obtuse angle s and 1 acute angle.

Does an acute triangle have obtuse angles?

No, an obtuse triangles has one obtuse angle and two acute angles. If a triangle has an obtuse angle, it is considered obtuse and cannot be acute.

Is it true that every angle of an acute angle is acute?

yes. to be and acute angle, all angles must be acute. Obtuse angles only one angle has to be obtuse. Right angles only need one too. Acute has to have every angle to be acute, if one angle is obtuse or right, it's automatically no an acute Angle anymore.

Can a quadrilateral be made with 3 acute angles and 1 right angle?

Not possible... The internal angles of a quadrilateral always total 360. If you MUST have an angle of 90 degrees - the remaining angles must total 270. At least one of the remaining angles will always be obtuse.

Is a trapezold a acute obtuse or right angle?

A trapezoid contains either:two acute angles and two obtuse angles orone acute angle, one obtuse angle and two right angles.

What is the difference between a right an acute and obtuse triangle?

A right triangle has one angle a right angle (90o) An obtuse triangle has one angle an obtuse angle (> 90o) An acute triangle has all angles acute (< 90o)

What is a quadrilateral with exactly 2 right angles?

A trapezoid can have two right angles, one obtuse angle and one acute angle that altogether add up to 360 degrees.