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Four SIdes

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Q: What shape is a quadrilateral with one acute angle and one obtuse angle?
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What is a quadrilateral with 3 acute angles and 1 obtuse angle?

it is an irregular shape

What shape has 2 acute and 2 obtuse that is a quadrilateral?

A trapezoid.

Which shape has only two acute angles?

"z" has two acute angles a triangle can have 3 acute angles but also will have a angle >= 60degrees acute (also note for every acute angle a obtuse angle is formed the sum of the obtuse and acute angle will = 360) because of this a arrow is the only shape with two acute angles and 1 obtuse

Is a acute shape is lean back?

well, if your asking if and acute shape is a wide leaned back angle, well then the answer is no. that's and obtuse angle. and acute angle is smaller than 90 degrees and an obtuse angle is larger than 90 degrees.

What shape has a right angle obtuse angle and acute angle?

A kite or a trapezium can.

What is an acute angle of a shape?

An acute angle is an angle of a shape under 90 degrees, an angle over 90 degrees is called an obtuse angle. hope this helps!:D

Which 2-D shapes can have 2 acute angles and 2 obtuse angles?

With 2 acute and 2 obtuse angles it has 4 angles - the shape is a quadrilateral. The shape can be one of trapezium, parallelogram, rhombus, kite or a general quadrilateral. With the two acute angles next to each other (forcing the two obtuse angles to be next to each other) the shape can be either a trapezium or a general quadrilateral.

What shape has 2 acute angles and 1 obtuse angle?


What shape has two acute angle and two obtuse angles?

A trapezium

Is there a shape with 10 obtuse angles and one acute angle?

No there isn't

What quadrilateral shape has no parallel sides and one obtuse angle?

Irregular Rhombus

What quadrilateral has two right angles one acute angle one obtuse angle and one pair of parallel lines?

It is nearly the shape of a square but one side is sloping and I think it is called a trapezoid