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Q: What set of reflections would carry triangle ABC onto itself?
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How Many Degrees Would A Regular Decagon Need To Carry It Onto Itself?

It would require 36 degrees.

What is the approx value of 'silver reflections' by peter ellenshaw?

I have a painting called Silver Reflections by Peter Ellenshaw I would like to know it value.

What is the future tense for the word carry?

The future tense for "carry" would be like "carrying"like if you say I'm going too be carrying a package.. isn't that future tense?!?There is also "carry" itself, like in the sentence 'I am going to carry the package'

Which type of triangle would have a orthocenter that is one of the vertices of the triangle?

a right triangle

What is the contrapositive of the statement if it is an equilateral triangle then it is an isosceles triangle?

The contrapositive would be: If it is not an isosceles triangle then it is not an equilateral triangle.

What is a triangle that has no angles that are equal?

That would be a scalene triangle.

What is the line called when you join 2 mid-points in a triangle?

It would be called the midsegment of the triangle. And when you have all the midpoints of the triangle joined, you would get the midsegment triangle. It is one fourth of the area of the actual triangle

What is the area of 9cm base and 6cm height?

It would help to answer the question if there was any information about the shape itself: a triangle, a parallelogram, ... Clearly, that was too much to expect.

Why does a triangles have three sides and three angles?

That is the definition of a triangle. If it did not have three sides it would not be a triangle. If it did not have three angles, it would not be a triangle.

Had you been Louis Pasteur what would have been your reflections and conclusions based on this experiment?


Would for a right triangle to have the same magnitude?

would for a right triangle to have the same magnitude

What type of triangle would have degrees of 45 96 and 39?

It would be an obtuse triangle.