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A quadrilateral

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Q: What shape has 4 sides and 4 vertices and no 2 sides are the same length?
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What shape is 2 dimensional with 4 sides and 4 vertices and opposite sides are same length?

It is a square or a rhombus

Which as more vertices a shape with 4 sides or a shape with 3 sides?

Assuming that each vertex is used to connect exactly two sides, all two-dimensional shapes will have the same number of sides as vertices. So a shape with 4 sides will have 4 vertices and a shape with 3 sides will have 3 vertices. Think of a square (4 sides, 4 vertices) and a triangle (3 sides, 3 vertices).

How many sides and vertices in rectangle shape?

4 - Because there are four vertices's (corners) on a rectangular shape. This can be proven when the distance between diagonal vertices's are the same.

Which shape has only 2 sides the same length?

it is called a isosceles shape if iT only has 2 sides that have the same exact length

Which shape has four sides two adjacent sides are the same length the other two sides are the same length the shape has reflective symmetry?

A kite or arrowhead.

What shape are you you have four sides no parallel sides 2 of your sides are the same length and the other 2 are the same length?

A kite

What shape has the two the sides the same length and it's four sided shape?

A four-sided shape with only 2 sides the same length is called a rhombus.

Witch 3d shape has 8 vertices and edges not the same length?


What shape has 4 sides sides oppersite each other are the same length but the sides are not all the same length?

Rectangle, parallelogram

What shape has 3 sides with 2 sides that have the same length?


Which shape has all sides the same length and has a diamond shape?


What do you call it when all of the SIDES of a shape are the same length?

Isometric shape

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