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most likely a triangular prism

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2011-04-20 01:19:32
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Q: What shape has a triangle as a base and it has 3 rectangular faces?
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What solid figure has as a triangle base and 3 rectangular faces?

A 3D shape with one base and three faces can only have triangular faces.

What shape has a triangle base and 3 triangle faces?


What figure has a rectangular base 5 vertices and 5 faces?

Which shape has a rectangular base, 5 faces and 5 vertices?a. rectangular prismb. pyramidc. sphered. cube

What is a three dimensional shape with triangular faces and one rectangular base?

rectangular pyramid

What is a three dimensional shape that has triangular faces and one rectangular base?

A pyramid.

What are the main differences between a rectangular prism and rectangular pyramid?

Rectangular Prism - A 3-D shape with 2 rectangular bases, with a total of 6 faces. Rectangular Pyramid - A 3-D shape with only 1 base that's a rectangle, with a total of 5 faces.

All prisms take their names from the shape of what?

Their base shape. For example a rectangular prism has base that is a rectangle. Guess what kind of base shape a triangular prism has? yes, triangle.

How do you find the area of a triangular prism?

You find the area of the base and then find the area of one triangle. Multiply that one triangle by 4 and then add the base. The above is correct for a triangular pyramid NOT a triangilar prism. A triangular prism has two triangular ends and three rectangular faces. The rectangular faces need no be the same shape, but if they are, So Area = 2*area of triangular ends + 3*area of rectangular faces If not, you'll just have to calculate each area separately and add them.

What figure has a rectangular base and 4 triangular bases?

A rectangular pyramid has 5 faces: a rectangular base, and 4 triangular faces.

What 3 D shape has one hexagonal base and six triangle faces?

Pyramid with a hexagonal base

What do you call a shape with 4 faces and a base?

a pyramid as long as there is only one base more specifically a rectangular pyramid

What shape has a base with 4 congruent sides and 4 triangle faces?

a square pyramid

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