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Q: What smaller unit are counties divided into?
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Which region in the US is divided into smaller regions?

The US is divided into states, which are then further divided into smaller administrative regions such as counties, cities, and townships. Each state is made up of different counties which are then divided into cities or townships depending on the state's administrative structure.

Counties often are divided into smaller units called?

special districts

How are states divided into smaller government units?

Most states are divided into counties that are overseen by county commissioners. One state, Louisiana, is divided into parishes which operate in essentially the same way as counties.

Must a unit be divided by multiples of ten when converting from a larger unit to a smaller unit?


Counties are divided into smaller units except what?

D. special districts D. special districts

A unit must be divided by multiples of ten when converting from a larger unit to a smaller unit?


Is great Britain divided into counties and boroughs?

Britain is divided into counties and there are boroughs (towns) within the counties.

A quantity must be divided by multiples of when converting from a larger unit to a smaller unit. true or false?


How many counties is Jamaica divided into?

Jamaica is divided into 3 counties and 14 Parishes.

How may states are divided into counties?

The only state that is not is Louisiana. They are divided into Parishes instead of counties.

If continents are divided into countries and countries are often divided into states than what are states divided into?

States are often further divided into counties or provinces, which are smaller administrative regions within the state. These counties or provinces may be further divided into municipalities, districts, or other administrative subdivisions depending on the country's governance structure.

How many counties are there in California?

There are 58 counties in California.