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A yard is 3 feet, a foot is 12 inches. So a yard is 36 inches

Therefore 0.250 of a yard is 9 inches

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Q: What thickness is .250 yards in inches?
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How many inches are there in 250 yards?

There are 36 inches in one yard. Therefore, 250 yards is equal to 250 x 36 = 9000 inches.

How many yards are in 250 inches?

There are 12 inches in one foot. Therefore, 250 feet is equal to 250 x 12 = 3000 inches.

How many inches make 250 meters?

228.6 meters ==

How many square yards does 51 inches x 250 lineal yards equal?

354.166... square yards.

250 in squared how many yd squared?

2.000 * * * * * 250 inch = 6.944... yards so 250 inch squared = 6.944... yards squared. That is a square with sides of 250 is the same as a square with sides of 6.944... yards. That is NOT the same as 250 sq inches, which is 0.1929 sq yards (approx).

Is 250 inches bigger or less than 7 yards?

less than

How do you find the thickness of your driveway if you already know the cubic yards?

Measure its area in square yards: If it is a rectangle, then Length * Width If it is a circle then pi*r2 where r is the radius If it is a more complicated shape then partition it into smaller, less complex shapes. Finally, Thickness = Cubic yards/Area and this measure will be in yards. Multiply this by 36 to get the thickness in inches.

How many yards of concrete in 900 sf?

To calculate the amount of concrete needed for a 900 square foot area, you first need to determine the thickness of the concrete slab. Once you have the thickness in inches, divide it by 36 to convert to yards. Then divide the total cubic yards by the number of cubic yards in a concrete truck to determine how many truckloads you need.

How many Yards on Concrete in 75' x 150'?

Assuming a thickness of four inches, there would be a total of 139 (138.89) cubic yards of concrete.

How many square yards are in a cubic yard at 3 in thick?

There are 9 square yards in a cubic yard at a thickness of 3 inches. This is because there are 9 square feet in a square yard and 36 cubic feet in a cubic yard, so the area is 9 square yards if the thickness is 3 inches.

How many yards does it take to get from 250 feet to 100 yards?

250 feet = 250/12 yards = 2.833 yards it takes 100-2.833 yards

250 yards is how many miles?

Not even 1.... 250 yards is equal to 0.1420455 miles.