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Q: What tool measure lengths over 1 metre?
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What are rules - the measuring tool - used for?

Rulers are used to measure lengths/distances.

What kind of a tool used to measure lengths that are about 1 meter long?

a ruler to measure cm and mm and meters

What tool is used to measure acidity of the water?

A metre is kindof like a yard but no it probaly is not like a yard:)

Does a yard stick or a tape measure measure sq. ft. or is there a special measuring tool?

A yard stick or a tape measure will measure linear distances: that is lengths in one dimension only. There is no specific tool for measuring area: you need to calculate area from the linear measures using various geometric formulae.

What metric tool would you use to measure area?

You would use a tool to measure the lengths of the sides or radii of the area and then use a formula to convert the lengths into an area. The tool would depend on the size of the object and the precision required. The tool could be an electron microscope, or a ruler, or a telescope and in general there would be no difference between a tool used to measure in the metric system or the imperial system. As an example of an unusual tool to measure area... in certain types of chemistry, the chemist needs to measure the area under a peak on a graph, and the traditional way of doing that is to cut the peaks out of the graph and weigh it on an analytical balance. Assuming the paper is fairly consistent in terms of density, the ratio of the weights is the same as the ratio of the areas.

What is the tool used to measure evaporation?

A Class A evaporation pan is a common tool used to measure evaporation. It is a shallow pan filled with water and placed outdoors to measure the rate of water loss due to evaporation over a period of time.

What tool is the tool we measure a mile?

An odometer.

Is a meterstick a perfect tool to measure the dimensions of a magazine cover?

No, a metre stick is adequate, but a 12 inch or 30 cm ruler would be handier and possibly perfect.No, a metre stick is adequate, but a 12 inch or 30 cm ruler would be handier and possibly perfect.

What tool and unit is used to measure length?

A ruler is commonly used to measure length. The unit of measurement for length can vary, with common ones being inches (in), centimeters (cm), and meters (m).

What is a tool for measuring distance?

A ruler, or a metre stick, or a tapemeasure, or a mileometer (on a car) etc...

What measurement tool used to measure wind direction?

Why weather tool is used to measure wind direction

Is a scoring tool used to measure a students ability to complete a specific task or assignment.?

If scoring tool is versatile to measure many different aspects concerned then scoring tool is a measure of ability.