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Q: What tool would you use if you wanted to trim a half-inch from the left side of a digital photograph?
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Who the model is of this picture and where it came from?

This photograph looks to be photoshoped, the quality of picture is digital, would definitely be from the 21st century.

What is the quality of a digital print when compared to an actual film photograph?

The quality of a digital print when compared to actual film photographs aren't really that different. The quality isn't much of a difference but as of today digital would be used.

What is a sentence using the word photographer?

We found an old photograph in a drawer. (noun) Dad wanted to photograph the family at Disney World, but no one would cooperate. (verb)

What unit of measure would you use to measure photograph?

You use pixel to measure the quality of a photograph (although cameras usually take photos in megapixels (millions of pixels). You use bits / bytes to measure the file size of a digital photograph (although photos are usually MB (mega bytes) - millions of bytes).

How would you use photograph in a sentence?

I took a beautiful photograph of the sunset yesterday.

How would one take a photo of their car?

First, one would need to purchase a camera of some sort. If he/she would like to upload this photo through the computer, a digital camera will be better. Camera phones can also be used to take a picture. Next, aim the lens of the camera at the subject of the photograph and depending on what camera product you are using, press the button that takes the photograph. To ensure the best quality, be prepared to adjust certain settings that can affect the photograph, i.e, the zoom, flash and the lighting of the area where the photograph is being taken.

Can you paint on a photograph and what type of paint should you use?

You can paint on a photograph. Normal acrylic would work.

Is buying a photograph envelope a waste of money?

It really depends on the purpose and the occasion. For a regular photo, there would be no need to buy a photograph envelope, but if it is a delicate photo and/or you want to send it to someone, it would be worth it to but a photograph envelop.

Should I buy a 35 mm camera or go digital?

Most photographers are now using digital cameras because they are so convienent and show immediately if you got the shot you wanted. As for which camera would be the best I would suggest talking to people whp do this for a living.

Why would you not use a sheet fed scanner to copy a photograph?

It could damage the photograph if inserted improperly or if the rollers on the feeder are flawed.

What would a cartographer use aerial photograph axle and wheels or handles why?

An Aerial photograph, I had the same exact question on my homework at school!:)

If someone wanted to purchase a red digital camera where would they purchase one from?

Red digital cameras can be bought at electronics stores like Best Buy, Wal-Mart or Radioshack. They can also be purchased online from websites such as Amazon or eBay.