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SCALENE because the sides are irregular

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Q: What triangles cannot form a triangle?
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Which statement about triangles cannot be proved for all triangles?

if a triangle is acute, then the triangle is equilateral

Are all triangles regular?

A triangle is only a regular triangle in the form of an equilateral triangle

How do you make five triangles out of nine toothpicks that are laid out in the form of three triangles by only moving three of the toothpicks?

Firstly, take out three toothpicks that form a triangle. You will be left with two triangles. Secondly, place all three toothpicks to form a triangle above the centre of the two triangles. Four small triangles and a large triangle will be formed, which makes them five triangles. Example: At first: /_\/_\/_\ Imagine that these are three triangles (nine toothpicks), with the sides joined. Secondly: /_\/_\ Imagine that you have taken away one triangle (three toothpicks). Thirdly: Place the three toothpicks to form a triangle above the two triangles. Imagine that the sides are joined. Four small triangles are formed. The four triangles make up a large triangle, which makes them five. /_\ /_\/_\

What cannot be made by a medium triangle and 2 small triangles?

A circle, for sure.

What is the side length b in the triangle below A 8 B 16 C 2.8 D 23.3?

There is no triangle below. Furthermore, there are four measures given and some of the triplets cannot form triangles.

Are the sides of a triangle prism all congruent?

No. Because two are triangles and three are rectangles. A triangle cannot be congruent to a rectangle!

Which quadrilateral and triangles are always similar?

None. A quadrilateral cannot be similar to any triangle.

Do all triangles have reflection symmetry?

Only if they are in the form of an isosceles or an equilateral triangle.

Are all right triangles equilateral triangles?

no. In fact a right angled triangle cannot be equilateral. An equilateral triangle is also equiangular: that is, all its angles are equal. The sum of all three angles of a [plane] triangle must be 180 degrees and so they cannot be 90 deg each.

How do you form 8 triangles from 6 sticks?

Use three sticks to form a triangle. Use the other three sticks to form an inverted triangle and place it on top of the first. You will have two large triangles and six small ones - eight triangles in all. The shape is also known as the Star of David.

Do triangles have right angles?

Triangles do not necessarily have right angles, but they can. A triangle with a right angle is called a right triangle. A triangle cannot have more than one right angle, since the total of all three angles of every triangle equals 180°.

Can a triangle have two angles?

No, a triangle cannot have two angles. Triangles always have three sides and three angles that add up to 180 degrees.

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