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6 and 2

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Q: What two factors of 24 subtracted by each other equal 4?
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What do you mean by equated factors?

Equated means set equal to each other, so equated factors means factors that are equal.

What is 2 square numbers subtracted from each other to make 8?

2 square numbers subtracted from each other to make 8 = -6

What is the name of the digits subtracted from each other?


When you have a number that has exactly two equal factors each factor is called?

If a number has equal factors, it is a perfect square and the equal factors would be square roots.

What numbers times each other equal 30?

As a product of its prime factors: 2*3*5 = 30

When two waves meet each other and their amplitudes are subtracted?

Destructive interference occurs when the waves are out of phase and their amplitudes cancel each other out, resulting in a wave with reduced amplitude.

Are two ratios sometimes equal to each other?

Yes the ratios are sometimes equal to each other.

What 2 numbers multiplied equals 16 but when subtracted from each other equals 6?

factors of 16 1 and 16 2 and 8 4 and 4 so it must be 2 and 8 as only that pair gives 6 on subtraction

How do you factor x2 - 10x plus 5?

You don't. That expression can not be factored. You can see that by observing that the only factors of the last term, 1 and 5, can not be added or subtracted from each other in any way that gives a sum of 10 (the coefficient of the middle term).

What is the value of the following expression x-a x-b x-cx-z so that the there are a total of 26 factors with each letter of the alphabet subtracted from x in one of the factors?

0 as one of the factor is (x-x)

Angles across from each other equal to each other?

Vertical Angles

What quantities can always be added or subtracted from both sides of an equation?

Identical quantities can be added (or subtracted) from each side. Each side can also be multiplied (or divided) by any quantity.