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Analog clocks have an hour hand and minute hand, and 12 numbers around a circle.

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Q: What are clocks that are not digital called?
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When were digital clocks invented?

digital clocks were made in 1956 the digital clock was invented in 1956, it is the opposite to analogue.

What metals are in alarm clocks?

digital alarm clocks have copper but analog clocks depend on who made it

Do digital clocks keep time as well or better than standard clocks with hands?

Digital clocks will keep time at least as well as a manual mechanical clock.

Types of clocks?

Analogue and Digital.

Where can I find worksheets about clocks online?

There is a website called "" which has pictures of both digital and analogue clocks and asks the kids to match the clocks that are displaying the same time.

Does gravitational time dilation apply to digital clocks?

Gravitational forces bend the fabric of space and time. Clocks relate the local measurement, so all clocks, digital or otherwise, are affected.

How many digital alarm clocks are there?


Who invented digital clocks?

the first digital clock was invented by Peter Petrov in 1968 The patent for the mechanism used in Pennwood and Lawson digital clocks was granted to Frederick A. Greenawalt, an employee of the Pennwood Company. Greenawalt's patent was issued in February 1935. Lawson stated selling digital clocks in 1934.

What brands are good digital time clocks?

Timex is one of the best brands of digital time clocks as well as watches, it keeps time with reliability and accuracy.

Do digital atomic wall clocks keep accurate time and temperature?

Digital atomic clocks keep very accurate time and good tempature, in my experience.

When did corvettes start using digital clocks?


Why are LED digital clocks more reliable than analog clocks?

led gives accuracy results