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A rectangle has 4 congruent angles, but two pairs of congruent sides instead of all sides being congruent.

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Q: What type of quadrilateral has 4 congruent angles but not necessarily 4 congruent sides?
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Does a quadrilateral have congruent angles?

A quadrilateral is a plane figure with four straight sides and does not necessarily have any congruent angles. Some quadrilaterals such as, squares, rectangles, rhombuses, and parallelograms do have congruent angles.

If a quadrilateral has four congruent sides but its adjacent angles are not congruent then the quadrilateral is a?

An impossibility. By definition a quadrilateral with 4 congruent sides must have congruent adjacent angles.

Do a quadrilateral have congruent sides?

Not necessarily. They can, but don't have to. A quadrilateral which does have congruent sides is called a rhombus.

Which quadrilateral has 4 congruent sides and 4 right angles?

A quadrilateral has 2 pair of congruent angles and 4 congruent sides. What is the name of the quadrilateral

Does a rhombus always have four right angles?

A rhombus is a quadrilateral with four congruent sides. The opposite angles are congruent but not necessarily 90 degrees.

What quadrilateral has 2 congruent angles and 4 congruent sides?

No it has 4 congruent angles and 2 sets of congruent sides

A quadrilateral with 4 congruent angles 2 pairs of congruent sides what type of quadrilateral is it?

4 sides

What quadrilateral has no congruent angles or sides?


What are all the names of all the quadrilateral with pictures?

Rectangle: A quadrilateral with 4 right angles, diagonals congruent/bisecting, and opposite sides congruent, BUT ADJACENT SIDES ARE NOT CONGRUENT. Rhobus: A quadrilateral with opposite congruent angles, but adjacent angles are Not congruent, perpendicular bisecting diagonals and 4 congruent sides. Square: A quadrilateral that is a rectangle and a square with 4 right angles, diagonals congruet/bisecting that ar perpendicular, and opposites sides congruent.

Does a quadrilateral have three congruent angles?

It cannot. There is no way to draw a quadrilateral where 3 sides are congruent.

A quadrilateral has 4 congruent angles 2 pairs of congruent sides what type of quadrilateral is it?

A square

What quadrilateral has all sides congruent but not all angles congruent?

Is a rhombus.

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