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Q: What types of triangles do you get if you cut a square in half?
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Why do you have to cut the area of a triangle in half?

Because otherwise you would have found the area of the rectangle/square (the rectangle/square being if you put two of the triangles together).

How can you cut an square into 8 pieces equally?

Cut it just like a pizza. Cut it from the middle top to the middle bottom and from the middle left side to the middle right side. You should have four smaller squares all of equal size. Now cut each square diagonally to make 8 triangles. All 8 triangles are the same size. -- Place two diagonals from corner to corner or the square -- this is basically slicing the square into four, equal triangular quadrants. Then slice each of those triangles in half. That makes 8 triangles of equal area.

If you want to divide triangles into parallelogram how many triangles can you cut from parallelogram?

You can get 2 triangles by cutting a parallelogram in half

What shape do you get when you cut a pentagon in half?

when you cut a pentagon in half you create a trapizoid

How many shading combinations are there in a square that is cut into 8 triangles?


Is all squares can be cut in half to make 2 congruent triangles a generalization?

no its an emphatic statement all squares can be cut in half to make 2 congruent isosceles right triangles is perhaps as general a statement as is possible

What is rectangle cut in half diagonally?

if u cut it in half diagonally, u get 2 triangles

What are the shape that can be found in half tomato?

most tomatoes i have seen have triangle shapes in them when cut in half. there are usually three triangles.

How do you cut a square into 4 shapes with the same area?

cut in half then cut both halves in half again

How do you cut 2 squares and make one?

Cut each square diagonally to give two pairs of right angled triangles. Place all four triangles with their right angles around a point, their hypotenuses will form the sides of the single square.

How do you make a quadrangle?

Cut a square from corner to corner each way and you'll have four triangles

What is the axes of symmetry of a square?

How many ways can you cut a square in half. Cut along either diagonal Fold the square in half vertically or horizontally 4 axes of symettry