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the writer was named Euclid :) thanks for asking questions im happy to answer :)

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Q: What was a writer of geometry books called in Greece?
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Writer of geometry books?

it is a bobby suscrate

What collection of books written in ancient Greece give a complete presentation of the geometry?

Elements by Euclid

What is the list of books at the end of a book called?

bibliographyappendixSometimes an non-fiction writer or a writer using snippets/information from other books will list down the ones that they have used.

What are euclids most known accomplishmens?

His mathematical books called Elements. His work on geometry, particularly his famous axioms.

Why is Euclid considered the father of geometry?

Because he contributed most to geometry. His work can be found in the Elements. It is divided into 13 books. Books 1-6 dealing with plane geometry. Books 7-8 about number theory. Book 9 on irrational numbers. While books 10-13 about three-dimensional geometry. answered by-G.L.R.-

Who is the father of geometry What book did he write about geometry?

Euclid of Alexandria. He wrote a number of books about geometry but is best know for "Elements".

When was geometry first used?

that is unknown, but what IS known is that it was first organized into a series of 13 books called "elements" by Euclid in 300 BCE

What is a collection of stories in a book called?

A collection of stories in a book is called an anthology.

What did albert Einstein think about school?

he was facinated with geometry books

Who is famous mathematician and what is his collection of books about geometry?

Euclid's Elements

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