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the Death Rate was 8eas

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Q: What was the Death rate in Elizabethan times?
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What was storytelling like in the Elizabethan times?

The best storyteller in Elizabethan times was Shakespeare.

What was the Elizabethan times named after?

Elizabethan times are called that because it was the time when Elizabeth I was Queen of England.

What gender were the actors in Elizabethan times?

In Elizabethan times, I believe all the parts were played by males.

Who were the yeomanry of the Elizabethan England?

Its is the the middle-class citizens of Elizabethan times

What is Dice coggers?

A dice cogger is a person who use to 'dice' people up in the Elizabethan times as a form of punishment, which resulted in death.

How do you calculate death rate?

You take the total number of deaths and divide it by the total population, then times that by 100 and you will get the total death rate.

What was pre Elizabethan?

Pre-Elizabethan was the time Queen Elizabeth I lived. It was also called the Elizabethan time.

Medicine used in Elizabethan times?

the medicine that was used in the Elizabethan times was made out of herbs and spices, in other words were natural.

What was important in the Elizabethan times?


Why is the Renassiance in England reffered to as the Elizabethan age?

It's not. Elizabethan times were the last fifty years of the English Renaissance, but as they were its height during England, they are regarded as its zenith. The death of Elizabeth I in 1603 is widely regarded as one of the markers of the end of the Renaissance.

Comparison between crude birth rate and death birth rate?

simple thing.. no of death is equal to 4 times larger than the no of birth....

Are c-sections risky?

The maternal death rate is less than 0.02%, but that is four times the maternal death rate associated with vaginal delivery