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House of fun

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Q: What was the only number r 1 hit for madness?
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What was the only No 1 for Madness?

What was the only No. 1 for Madness?

How many number 1 hit songs did poison have?

Only One

Def Leppard had only 1 Billboard Number 1 hit in the US - what was it?

Love Bites

What are the release dates for Madness Combat - 2002 Madness Combat 1-1?

Madness Combat - 2002 Madness Combat 1-1 was released on: USA: 25 June 2002

What was Frankie goes to Hollywood number 1 hit in 1985?

You are probably thinking of "Relax" which was their only number one hit. But it was before 1985, but they won awards for it in 1985.

Who had a 1980s hit with True Colors?

madonna had a 1980 number 1 hit with true colors.when she was only 45 years old.

Bruce Springsteen 1 hit in 1980?

his only top 40 hit in 1980 was "Hungry Heart" which went to number 5

How had a number 1 hit in 1999?

"Believe" by Cher was the number 1 hit in 1999.

What year wasRobbie Williams second number 1 hit?

The double A-sided single "She's The One"/"It's Only Us" hit number one in November 1999.

Who had a number 1 hit in march 1999?

"Angel Of Mine" by Monica was the number 1 hit in the first week of March, and "Believe" by Cher was the number 1 hit for the last three.

What is the serial key of Midtown Madness 1?

the serialkey for midtown madness is 123abc2841649

How many number 1 songs did bill Hayley have?

Bill Haley had only one number one hit, which was Rock Around the Clock