What was true of fedarlists?

Updated: 9/26/2023
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Q: What was true of fedarlists?
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Who is George Clymer and what were his attitudes and feelings towards the issues discussed at the Constitutional Convention?

George Clymer was delegate of the Constitution and was delegate fro Pennsilvania! he took a fedarlists positions and helped with topics such as...war,politics, and laws

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False. It is software.

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True because just like what happens at the twin towers there was a big book about it made by time magazine but that book was not made until years after the event

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It is true.

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True AND False OR True evaluates to True. IT seems like it does not matter which is evaluated first as: (True AND False) OR True = False OR True = True True AND (False OR True) = True AND True = True But, it does matter as with False AND False OR True: (False AND False) OR True = False OR True = True False AND (False OR True) = False AND True = False and True OR False AND False: (True OR False) AND False = True AND False = False True OR (False AND False) = True OR False = True Evaluated left to right gives a different answer if the operators are reversed (as can be seen above), so AND and OR need an order of evaluation. AND can be replaced by multiply, OR by add, and BODMAS says multiply is evaluated before add; thus AND should be evaluated before OR - the C programming language follows this convention. This makes the original question: True AND False OR True = (True AND False) OR True = False OR True = True

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True! 69 = 69 is true.

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no it is not true