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lrespect of mathematical entities

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Q: What were Plato's contributions to mathematics?
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What are the contributions of engineering to mathematics?

Not sure that there were many contributions ofengineering to mathematics. Contributions in the other direction: lots, contributions by engineers: yes.

3 contributions to mathematics from Albert Einstein?

To bad those are all contributions to physics, not mathematics.

What was the India's contributions to mathematics?

The introduction and the understanding of the zero symbol in mathematics.

What are Ren Descartes' contributions to mathematics?

Rene desscartes was the father of mathematics.

What were Muslim contributions in mathematics?


What was Einsteins contributions to mathematics?

Einstein did not make any notable contribution to mathematics.

What were Einstein's five greatest contributions to mathematics?

There is no evidence that Einstein made even one great contribution to mathematics. Einstein relied heavily on mathematics to provide his contributions to physics, of which there are many.

What contributions dids hypatia make?

She made contributions to astronomy, philosophy, & mathematics.

What were Hellenism contributions?

Mathematics, Science, and philosophy

What are the babylonians contributions in mathematics?

two and baby

What are the Aryabhatta contributions to mathematics?

zero 0

What contributions did they make to mathematics?

scientific m athod