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he was old and weird.(:

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Q: What were some facts about euclid?
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What were some weird facts about euclid?

he was cool

Who theorized the triangle?

No one. A triangle is not a theory. The mathematics of a triangle are not theories they are facts. Some people that showed this to be so are Pythagoras and Euclid.

What were some of the contributions of Euclid?

Geometry :D

Show some pictures of Euclid?

There is a representation accompanying this question and answer.

Who are some mathematicians?

Euclid, Euler, Einstein were all mathematicians.

What were some mathematic legacies of the Greeks?

Euclid, Pythagorus, Archimedes ......

Who were Euclid's family?

There are no known records of Euclid's early life or family other than he was thought to have been born in Greece and received his early education in Athens. Euclid's family, birthplace, and life span are unknown/uncertain facts right now. There wasn't much information about him, so any other info on the internet about his family may be fake. There is no record of the name of Euclid's spouse, if he ever married, or any information about his parents or other members of his family. There is no known record of Euclid's parents, sibling, marriage, or childhood.

Was Euclid English?

Euclid was Greek.

What is the occupation of euclid?

what occupations does Euclid have

Who wrote the Euclid and it was a?

Who wrote the Euclid and it was a.....

Where did Euclid live?

Euclid was born in Megara, In fact 100 years before the great mathematician, Euclid of Alexandria, there was a Euclid of Megara.

Why was the city named after euclid?

Euclid Ohio was named in honor of the Greek Mathematician Euclid.