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Nothing it will be the same cause your just swapping them around put if connected a different situation

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Q: What will happen when you swap a plus 5 volt with a minus 5 volt?
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Which is the device that convert Minus 48Dc volt to 230 volt Ac?

That is called an inverter.

Can you plug a 120 volt appliance to 110 volt outlet?

Yes, normally, assuming it's 60 cycle (hertz) AC. In the USA, 110 volts as such is no longer used, it's really 120 plus or minus about 5 volts everywhere.

When did Ugo Volt happen?

Ugo Volt happened in 360.

When did Re-Volt happen?

Re-Volt happened in 1999.

What happen if you replace a 6.3 volt capacitor with a 10 volt capacitor?

Nothing will happen, you can go over 6.3v but never under......

What will happen if you run a 240 volt saw from a 110 volt supply?

It won't run.

What is the spark plug voltage?

Spark plug voltage is high tension voltage, needed to jump a spark between the plus and minus poles. Needed tension is about a minimum of 10.000 Volt between the poles.

What would happen if 12 volt only appliance was plugged into 120 volt outlet?

If a 12 volt appliance is connected to a 120 volt outlet, it would likely get damaged due to the excessive voltage. The appliance is designed to run on 12 volts, so the higher voltage could overwhelm and fry its electrical components. It's important to always match the voltage requirements of an appliance with the electrical supply to prevent damage.

How do you wire a 36 volt golf cart with 3 12 volt batteries instead of 6 6volt batteries?

A cart that has batteries connected in series with one plus and one minus cables may have three 12V batteries connected with two jumpers, instead of twice as many 6V batteries with five jumpers.

What will happen if a 6.3 volt light bulb is hooked up to a 10 volt power source?

the possibility is the will get burnt

What will happen if 110 volt refrigerator was plug to 220 volt?

If you are lucky the fuse will blow. If not the refrigerator might catch fire.

Why plus 24 volt is used for telecom equipments?

+24 volts is not normally used for telecom equipment. -48 volts is the usual value. 48 was chosen as a compromise between safety and voltage/power efficiency. Minus was chosen over plus to manage corrosion effects of cabling in underground installations.