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When writing fractional amounts with a decimal point be VERY careful not to confuse the $ sign and the ¢ sign. It's common to find prices in stores that are written incorrectly, e.g. 0.50¢ when the amount is supposed to be 50 cents.

Because a decimal point in a price indicates anything to the right of it is divided by 100, "0.50¢" isn't 50 cents, it's 50/100 of a cent - or half a penny!!

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Q: What would 7 cents look like with a decimal point?
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In euros is the comma a decimal point?

In most of Europe the , acts as the decimal point. For example €6,99 is 6 euros and 99 cents. In other countries, like Ireland, the full stop is used: €6.99 instead.

What is the definition of the decimal a point?

Well, Decimal Point is like a another way of expressing a number like fractions and percents! Decimal point is a part of math and it looks something like this: 9.6 The dot represent for the decimal point.

How do you write 30000 as a decimal?

Generally, whole numbers that have no digits after the decimal point are not written as decimalsm but if it is, 30000 would be written as 30000. or 30000.0 or with as many zeros as you like after the decimal point, though the decimal point and zeros are not necessary.

How do you turn nine tenths of a dollar into a decimal?

If you have memorized your fraction chart like I have, 9/10 is .90 is it would be 90 cents

How do you spell 29.99?

$29.99 is spelled like this: twenty nine dollars and ninety nine cents. 29.99 as a whole number and decimal would be: twenty nine point ninety nine or twenty nine and ninety nine hundredths.

What does 3 cents look like as a decimal?

It looks like 3 cents - exactly as in the question! A decimal representation does not imply a change in the measurement units. If this is required then you need to specify the units into which the quantity is to be converted.

Why is 0.1 less than 4.93?

There is a 0 to the left of the decimal point, whereas the other number has a 4 so that is larger. In money it is like 10 cents ($0.10) compared to four dollars ninety-three cents ($4.93).

How do you write a sentence using the word decimal?

a decimal point is a point that looks like a period

What type of data would be best aligned using a decimal tab stop?

A column of numbers containing a decimal point, like prices.

What does 3 look like as a decimal?

Exactly as in the question: 3 You could add a decimal point after the number but it would be inappropriate to write 3.0 since that would imply a greater degree of precision.

What is 4 50 as a decimal?

4.50if it is like $4 dollars and 50 cents, or as a answer to a problem 4.50.

What does decimal point sixteen look like?