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Q: What would be be in a supermarket matrix structure?
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What is the difference between hierarchy and matrix structure?

There are more people in the hierarchical structure then the matrix structure. The matrix structure is more complex than the hierarchical structure

What is the difference between a matrix structure and a organisational structure?

the difference between an organisational structure and a matrix structure is that a matrix structure is a combined structure whereas an organisational structure is in a vertical order and has different levels.

What are the Merits and demerits of matrix structure under types of organizational structure?

What are the merits and demerits of matrix structure of organization

What is the organizational structure of unilever?

matrix structure

What type of organisational structure does a kingfisher have?

matrix structure

Matrix structure of reporting?

Matrix structure of report is an example of the structure of the organization and who everyone reports to. With most companies the CEO is at the top and then the Analysts and Managers.

What distinguishes a weak matrix from strong matrix?

In organizational management, a strong matrix is an organizational structure arranged around projects; a weak matrix is arranged around functional roles. For example, in a strong matrix structure, the resources might be organized to support Product A or Product B, in a weak matrix structure, the resources might be organized into Development or Manufacturing.

Does the concept of unity of command is violated in the matrix structure?

The concept of Unity of Command is violated in The matrix structure of organisation.

What is nikes organisational structure?

Matrix structure or flat strucure!

Does apple use a matrix structure?


What is the organization structure of Apple Inc?

The organization chart for apple would have been set up for the best efficiency. Everyone would have their own part to play.

What type of organizational structure does the US air force have?

Matrix structure