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Q: What would the 30 daycost be if the power company charged 13.1 cents?
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How is electricity charged from the power company?

It is usually charged by the kilowatt hour which the company gets from reading your meter every month.

What is ten cents a day to the 30th power?

Raising cents to a power doesn't make sense. What would be the meaning of square cents, cubic cents, etc.???

How do you get charged for power usage?

The most common method is to measure your power usage with a meter. The meter records how much electricity you use and allows the electric company to determine the correct price for your usage. If you check with your local power company they can explain exactly how it works in your area.

Who do you call when your power goes out?

You call 911 if u burn ur face on soup Call your power company using a landline (never needs electricity) or a cellphone (always keep it charged)

What are kilowatt-hours and what is their common use?

A KW is an amount of power and the hour is how long you use it for , 1 kwh from the power company will cost about 20 cents and run about 15 light bulbs for 1 hour

On Mario strikers charged for the wii does the opponent get a power-up when you hit them?

No they only get power ups when they shoot a charged shot

How many hours is 11019 killowatts?

There are no hours in kilowatts. 11019 kilowatts is 11019000 watts. Watts are the product of Amps x Volts. One killowatt is 1000 watts. You are charged by the power company in Kw/Hrs, this means that you pay so much per 1000 watts every hour. Usually the cost is between .05 to .15 cents/kilowatt depending on where you live.

How does the cost of Solar Thermal Electric Power compare with photovoltaic electricity and conventional electric power?

Conventionally generated electricity ranges between 5 and 18 cents per kilowatt hour (the amount of money to get a kilowatt of power for an hour) but in most places it's below 10 cents, according to the Energy Information Agency. Solar thermal costs around 15 to 17 cents a kilowatt hour, according to statistics from Schott, a German company that makes solar thermal equipment. Solar photovoltaics cost around 20-50 cents per kilowatt hour, according to Solarbuzz.

What does the power charged sign do in Pokemon ranger guardian signs?

the power charged sign makes you go faster so that you can catch honchkrow/togekiss with ease

When was Alabama Power Company created?

Alabama Power Company was created in 1906.

For 1KW electricity does 240V or 120V cost less?

The cost of electricity depends on the rate charged by your utility company, not the voltage. The amount of power consumed (in kilowatts) determines the cost, regardless of whether it's at 240V or 120V. The rate charged per kilowatt-hour will determine the cost.

If the meter on the power box reads 407khw how does that cost?

Multiply the figure by your cost per kwh. The kwh cost is available from your local power company or utility. For instance, if a kwh was priced at 7.6 cents/kwh, then the total cost would be a bit over $30.