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Both are important. But depending on your future career goals, one or the other may be more important. For example, if you want to take up a career in engineering (basically this is "applied science"), you will need a lot of math. Otherwise, for other careers, you won't need much advanced math, and English may be more important.

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mate im so cool im not gonna anser it!

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Q: Whats more important English or math?
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Is maths so much important in fasion design course?

No, but English probably is. I would worry a lot more about English then the math. I'm guessing basic math would be needed for measurements and for the business side of things but that's it.I'm not a fashion designer, I'm an Engineering student, but I don't think you have to worry much about math, only English and your social skills.

Why is maths and English more important than music and science?

i think because: first, English is the most known language nowadays and is used frequently (our communication is an example) second, because without math you can't do many other stuff including science. many things in science need math. music is not that important because its more like a hobby. science is also important but as i said before without math many things in science can't be done! that's my opinion! :)

Which is more important reading or math?

reading,because everything you do,you have to read even in math.

Is math more important than reading and writting?

yeah math will take you anywhere in live

What is important about 1467 in math?

1467 is no more or less important than most numbers.

Whats more crucial to life math and science or science?

Of cource Its both maths and science as you can't do science without maths.

Is English more important then mathematics?

yes today English is more important than maths.

What will you give more important to learning English language?

What's more important than learning English is understanding why you need a language (not necessarily English).

What is more important math or surgery?

Math is more important because without math we couldn't do surgery. I disagree, where do you use math in surgery? Surgery has been done for centuries without math. If you get hurt and need surgery do you call in a mathematician to help with the surgery. I work for a surgery company and I have never seen a mathematician while surgery's are performed.

What especial about a scalene triangle?

Forget math, pay more attention in English class.

Why is it important to do well in English?

English is important, because apparently its just important. But really your own language is more important! So no its not that important..

Is math or writing better?

Math and writing are almost as equally important. If you go to a job, such as construction working, math will be very important. If you were to be some kind of speaker or author, writing will be important. Math may be used more than writing, but they are about equal. If you are asking which one is better, though, it would be your opinion.