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The first step is to include an equality sign in it otherwise it is not an equation.

If you mean: 4x = 1-11 then 4x = -10 and x = -10/4

So then: x = -2.5

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Q: When solving the equation 4x 1 -11 what is the first step?
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Solving two step equations?


How do you slove this two step equation -y-4 equals -15?


What is a two step equation that equals 22?

How about: x+11 = 33 => x = 33-11 => x = 22

When was The First Step created?

The First Step was created on 1994-11-14.

What is a multi step equation that equals 11?

Start with the equation:x = 11 Then, to make the equation more complicated ("multi-step"), you can do different manipulations, always on both sides of the equation; for example: * Add some number to both sides * Multiply both sides by the same number * Square both sides, or apply some other function to both sides (note: this may introduce additional solutions, depending on the properties of the function applied)

What are the release dates for Exosquad - 1993 The First Step 2-11?

Exosquad - 1993 The First Step 2-11 was released on: USA: 1994

What step would you take to solve the equation x plus 11 equals 37?

X + 11 = 37. subtract 11 from both sides; X = 37 - 11 = 26.

Multi Step Equations?

One-step equation 3x=12 x-6=5 4/x=7 Multistep equation 3x+8=11 x/7+4=6 4x/7=2

What is x plus 4y equals 11 and x-6y equals 33?

Solving tne simultaneous equation gives x = 19.8 and y = -2.2

What is x plus 8 equals 11?

x=3 For the equation x + 8 = 11, only one step is required to solve for x Subtract 8 from both sides of the equation to get the x term by itself. 11-8=3, so x=3

What is a two step equation that equals 11?

(\frac{1}{z})^{min(\frac{x-2\sqrt{xy}+y}{2})} = 1

Which method would be best for solving the system x 8y plus 5 and 3x - 2y 11?

If you mean: x = 8y+5 and 3x-2y = 11 then the simultaneous equations can be solved by a process of elimination. -------------------- Since the first equation is solved for x, substitution should be easy. There is no "right" answer to this question - it depends on your taste and experience.