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they come from egept

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Q: Where did the pyramids with straight sides come from?
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Are there windows in pyramids?

there were no windows in the pyramids because if there was windows in the pyramids then the structures wouldn't be a straight four sided figure that is like the North Star, because it has four sides and each side counts as a direction

What are the different kinds of pyramids?

khijyjguytj ,l;nkltyjop] lkghnji695tuy'jkgnhj67iut h nbkltryhikth' There were two kinds of pyramids- step pyramids ( called Ziggurats in Mesopotamia, and step pyramids can be broken into more categories if you want to get technical) and the "true" pyramid, which have 4 straight sides.

Why are pyramids 3 sided?

pyramids have a triangular base. As a triangle has three sides, the pyramid will have three sides. Although you can get square based pyramids which have four sides. ---------------------------------------------- The Egyptian pyramids are 4 sided not 3 sided.

What were the sides of the pyramids covered in?


How many sides does the pyramids have?


What is similar from Egypt and Aztec?

Egyptian pyramids are vaguely similar to Aztec ziggurats; pyramids have smooth sides, while ziggurats often have stepped sides.

Why do pyrimaids have 4 sides?

Not all pyramids have 4 sides. they can have 3 or more.

Did the pyramids of Giza come before the vikings?

No. they did not come before them. the Pyramids of Giza come right after the vikings.

Are the sides of a triangle curved or straight?

A triangle has to have straight sides

What type of pyramids are the great pyramids in Giza?

They are true pyramids with four sloping sides ending in a point and a square base (the fifth side).

What is a 2 dimension shape with forms of sides faces of pyramids?

the sides of a pyramid are triangles

What are large triangular tombs of some pharaohs are?

The pyramids have triangular sides but four sides.