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One might find the mathematical equation for the surface area of a sphere in a mathematics textbook. One might also find the equation at online math study groups.

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Q: Where might one find the mathematical equation for the surface area of a sphere?
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How would you be able to determine the volume of a sphere?

The equation is: (4/3)Pie r3The worded equation is: Four thirds Pie multiplied by the radius cubed.answer 2 Archimedes might have immersed the sphere in a liquid, and measured the volume that was displaced.

What is the mathematical name for an equation that has the same answer forwards or backwards?

In linguistics, it's called a palindrome (e.g. race car). However there is no such thing as a "palindromic equation," we might assign that to numbers instead.

What are physical and mathematical models?

A physical model is an object that represents whatever you are trying to explain. A mathematical model is an equation that shows something (usually some sort of movement or energy might not be applicable in most situations.)

What and where is the end of space?

It is not known whether there is such a thing. Probably not. The Universe might be infinite, or it may curve back on itself like the surface of a sphere.

A living cell is not a simple geometric shape like a sphere or a cube. What sort of weird cell shape might increase the ratio of surface area to volume Would you be able to test this more complex shap?

A cell with intricate branching structures or folds could increase surface area compared to volume. Testing a more complex shape would require advanced computational simulations or 3D printing techniques to study how it affects cellular functions like nutrient uptake and waste removal.

Would steal wool have a reaction when its wet and put into a container?

It might oxidize (rust). Steel wool has a large surface area, far greater than say a sphere of the same weight. More surface area means quicker oxidization.

Does a larger sphere have a higher terminal velocity?

Not necessarily. Terminal velocity depends on a combination of factors like weight, drag coefficient, and surface area. So while a larger sphere may experience more air resistance due to its increased surface area, it might also be heavier, which can offset this effect.

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the mathematical name for this fish is cross multiplication some of you might know this from miss kriegers class:)

What is the electric field on the surface of the conductor?

The electric field on the surface of a conductor is zero in electrostatic equilibrium. This is due to the fact that charges inside the conductor rearrange themselves such that the net electric field inside the conductor is zero. This causes any external electric field to be canceled out at the surface of the conductor.

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How might you alter the shape of a spherical cell to increase its surface area?

One way to increase the surface area of a spherical cell is by forming microvilli on its surface. Microvilli are tiny finger-like projections that extend from the cell membrane, increasing the surface area for absorption or secretion. Another way is to flatten the cell to form a disc-like structure, which would also increase the surface area relative to a sphere.