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Plant leaves were brown on the edges and had yellow spots on them

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Q: Which is an example of qualitative data?
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What is an example of qualitative data?

Examples of qualitative data might be that thunder follows more quickly after lightening as the storm gets closer. It is an information that is descriptive but lacks hard numbers.

An example of qualitative data?

Qualitative analysis is when you try to find out which substances are present in the thing you are analysing. So I think qualitative data of something like water would be Hydrogen and Oxygen.

Difference between qualitative and quantitative?

Qualitative and quantitative data are both 2 important types of data. Qualitative data is data based on observation and description. An easy way to remember this, Qualitative ---> QUALity. Examples of qualitative data are when you record colors, smells, textures, etc... Quantitative data is based on numerical values. An easy way to remember this, Quantitative ---> QUANTity. An example of quantitative data are any type of numerical values.

What does qualitative data consist of?

Qualitative data is information that can not be measured, such as the colour of your eyes. Qualitative data descriobes

What are the two kinds of data?

In general, the two types of data are quantitative and qualitative. Quantitative data is numerical data. For example, there were 58 mg of the solution following the reaction. In social sciences, quantitative data are represented through an analysis of a numerical input collected by means of questionnaires and other facilities. They are generally diagrams and percentages. Qualitative data is not numerical data. For example, the solution turned purple. Case studies for example are known to use qualitative data. Their analysis is through written descriptive texts.

Is the change in a plant's temperature a qualitative data?

No it's quantitative because it has to do with numbers and is an exact calculation. Qualitative would be, for example, change in color

What is a record of whether a subject is male or female is an example of?

This is an example of categorical data. Categorical data represents categories or groups and is typically qualitative in nature.

How can you use qualitative data in a sentence?

Qualitative data is information that is not in numerical form.

What kind of data do you get from a survey asking open ended questions?

qualitative data

What is an example of an qualitative observation?

An example of a qualitative observation is describing the color, texture, or shape of an object without using numerical data. For instance, noticing that a flower is bright red, a table feels smooth, or a cloud appears fluffy are all qualitative observations.

What different qualitative data and quantitative data?

Quantitative data is quantity - how much. Qualitative data is quality - is it good? what is it like?

How is qualitative data reliable?

The fact that the data is qualitative or quantitative does not in and of itself have anything to do with its reliability.