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The geometric mean, if it exists, is always less than or equal to the arithmetic mean. The two are equal only if all the numbers are the same.

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Q: Which is greater the geometric mean or the arithmetic mean of 6 and 54?
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What is the geometric mean of 18 and 54?

The geometric mean of 18 and 54 is 31.176914

Two geometric means between 2 and 54?

Look 2 and 8, their geometric mean is square root of 16 which is 4 and between 2 and 54. 9 and 4 have a geometric mean of 6 which is also between 2 and 54. Is this what you mean? Pun intended... The geometric mean of 2 and 54 is square root of 108.

What is the geometric mean of 54 and 6?


What is the difference between arithmetic and geometric progress series with example?

Arithmetic, you ADD the same number each time, eg. 2, 5, 8, 11 etc. Geometric, you MULTIPLY by the same number each time, eg. 2, 6, 18, 54 etc.

Is -2-6-18-54-162-468-1458 geometric or arithmetic?

It is neither. (-6) - (-2) = -4 (-18) - (-6) = -12 which is not the same as -4. Therefore it is not an arithmetic progression - which requires the difference between successive terms to be the same. Also -162/-54 = 3 -468/-162 = 2.88... recurring, and that is not the same as 3. Therefore it is not a geometric progression - which requires the ratio of terms to be the same.

What is the sixth term of the geometric sequence 61854?

If you mean 6, 18, 54 then the 6th term is 1456 because each term is 3 times greater than the previous term

What is the r value of the following geometric sequence -81 54 -36 12?

This is not a geometric series since -18/54 is not the same as -36/12

What is greater 54 or 66?

66 is greater than 54.

What is the geometric mean of 6 and 9?

GM(6, 9) = sqrt(6*9) = sqrt(54) = 7.3485 approx.

Which decimal is greater 652 or 54?

652 is greater than 54.

How do you know if a number pattern is linear and quadratic or geometric?


Is 56 greater than 54?

Yes, 56 is greater than 54.

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