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In the PEST analysis, what factors help a business produce its products more effectively and efficiently

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Q: Which of the following steps do customers generally following when buying a product?
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Policies on prices discounts credits and deliveries?

A price of a product is an important factor for a customer on his buying decision. A salesman must be aware of price changes, of course, for he is responsible for informing his customers about it. In addition, he may not earn his expected commission if he sells a product at its old price.

How many grams is a 20 sac of weed?

Sometimes it depends on where you are, and who youre buying it from. generally id say about 1.6 or 1.7 grams.

How many types theory of selling?

following are the theories of selling1) AIDAS2) right set of circumstances3) Buying formula4) Behavioral equation

What is an example of a reciprocal buying?

Reciprocal Buying. One type of negotiation which deserves special mention is reciprocal buying. Reciprocal buying is simply the practice of giving preference to suppliers who are also customers. Since it is rare that a customer can also be a supplier, reciprocal buying is not a widespread practice.Obviously in those situations where it is possible, it can be good business to buy from companies that are also customers if all factors of service, quality and price are equal, since this practice strengthens the relationship and turns a customer into an even better one.Unfortunately, reciprocity is not used only when quality price and service are equal. If either party is less than a highly desirable supplier, problems can develop.Furthermore, although reciprocity is not against the law by itself, it could develop into conspiracy and commercial bribery, which are illegal. In the case of large corporations, it may be a violation of the anti-trust laws.Reciprocity, for all these reasons, should be approached with caution. If you are in a situation where it can be important, it would be wise not to use your customer as a sole source of supply for the product or service involved. See related link for further details

How do casiers use math?

Assuming you mean 'cashiers' - they use mathematics to ensure they give customers the correct change for their purchases, and to make sure they've been given enough money by the customer for what they're buying !

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A proven product establishment management systems and customers goodwill are three advantages of?

buying a franchise

What is buying on credit?

Buying on credit is a program that allows customers to buy now and pay later.

What is the difference between dealer and customer?

The dealer is the person selling a product / service or making deals with customers to sell some thing. The customer is the person buying the product / service.

How should you describe customer service in an interview with a high fashion brand?

to promotion your product or some particuler things which u want to promote. first you need to make some samples of that product .and give that samples free to customers if customers used this product so next time customer try to buying this product .

What is a convenience products?

A product bought by consumers frequently without much thought to price or comparison.

How does the recession affect tesco?

Decrease in Sales as customers are buying less.Decrease in Profits due to high product prices as customers are buying less due to the recession and intend to spend less.Customers will experience having less disposable income, which means they will not be spending money on luxuries, but only necessities such as milk & bread.

How do you get a product code?

By buying the product.

How tesco get profit?

customers buying things

What do customers give up for buying HP computers?

Some money, as with buying anything.

Give you the meaning of wise buying?

research the buying- the product, how much money you have, the product's price, etc.

Influence of advertising on consumer buying decision?

Advertising helps make consumers become informed about available products. Advertisements highlight the features of the product so that customers can understand the benefits to them.

Which of the following best describes why buying an home is an investment apex?

When someone owns a home he/she can generally sell it in the future for more than the original price