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Q: Which of the points listed is the same distance from the y-axis as the point (-1.5 6)?
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Which point is not located on the xaxis or the yaxis of a coordinate grid?

Which point is not located on the xaxis or the yaxis of a coordinate grid?Read more:Which_point_is_not_located_on_the_xaxis_or_the_yaxis_of_a_coordinate_grid

What direction does each of the yaxis run?

up and down. the x goes left and right

Is yaxis positev?

The vertical y axis on the Cartesian plane is both negative and positive

When your independent variable is plotted on the xaxis and the dependent variable is plotted on the yaxis?

.... then your graph is inverted.

To design a building which type of moment of inertia you use about xaxis about yaxis or polar moment of inertia?

We use y_y axes

What are the basic rules of graphing an equation or an inequality?

step 1 first u should seclect the name independent and dependent veriables 2. take X axis ur independent veriable and Yaxis as a dependent veriable 3.lable the axis with units 4. now draw all points on the paper 5.connect first and last point of the reading 6. make sure that u have slected a suitabe scale for drawing the graph of a complecated data

What is in a line graph the?

The main vertical line going up the middle is generally refered to as the y axis, while the horizontal line that meets the yaxis in the middle is refered to as the x axis. the line that's going up the line that's going across is the x axis

In a line graph what is the y-axis?

On graph paper. The horizontal line is the x-axis. The vertical line is the y-axis. Where the two line intersect is deemed to be the origin, and given the co-ordinates , in (x,y) form , of (0,0).

What is a vertical line?

=== === A vertical line is a line with an undefined slope. Note that this is different from an infinite slope. The slope of a vertical line is said to be undefined. It may be said to go "straight up and down"A vertical line is drawn on a graph by plotting x = nwhere n equals any real number. The value of n is located on the x axis and then a line is drawn parallel to the yaxis through that x value. Note that the y axis itself is a vertical line. There are an infinite number of possible lines with an undefined slope, of course. Any number on the x axis can have a line drawn through it parallel to the y axis, and any one of those lines is said to be a vertical, and will have a slope that is undefined.A simpler definition say a vertical a line is a line that goes up to down