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A polygon with 6 sides is a hexagon and a polygon with 8 sides is an octagon

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Q: Which polygon has 6 sides and 8 sides?
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How many sides dose a polygon has?

3to 8 sides

Does a hexagon have 8 sides?

No, a Hexagon has only 6 sides. The polygon with 8 sides is called an Octagon.

How many sides are in a polygon with 8 sides?

There are 8 sides in the polygon with 8 sides (an octagon).

What is a 6 side polygon is called?


Is an eight sided polygon is called a hexagon?

No. A hexagon has 6 sides. A polygon with 8 sides is called an octagon.

What is a polygon with 8 sides?

A polygon with 8 sides is an octagon.

What polygon has 6 sides and six angles?

This type of polygon is called a hexagon. "Hex-" is a greek root, meaning 6. A polygon is a geometric plane figure consisting of at least 3 straight sides and angles, such as a triangle or square. Because "hex-" means 6, you know that a polygon that has 6 sides and 6 angles is a hexagon. As another example, "octo-" means 8, so a polygon that has 8 sides and 8 angles would be called an octagon.

Which polygon has 6 sides?

The polygon that has 6 sides is called a hexagon

What is the difference between an octagon and a hexagon?

An octagon is an 8 sided polygon whereas an hexagon is a 6 sided polygon

What are the first eight polygons called?

A polygon with 3 sides is called triangle A polygon with 4 sides is called quadrilateral A polygon with 5 sides is called pentagon A polygon with 6 sides is called hexagon A polygon with 7 sides is called heptagon A polygon with 8 sides is called octagon

What is a polygon that has twice as many sides as another polygon that has fewer than 8 sides?

a hexagon ( triangle has 3 and a hexagon has 6)

What is a polygon with 6 sides and 5 angles?

A polygon with 6 sides has 6 angles.

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