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If each angle is 90 degrees the shape is called a square.

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Q: Which shape is a rectangle and has 4 side of equal length?
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Does a rectangle has adjacent sides equal?

No, a rectangle has opposite side which are equal in length.

A wire is first bent into the shape of a rectangle with width and length Then the wire is unbent and reshaped into a square What is the length of a side of the square?

(width side of the rectangle + length side of the rectangle) divided by 2

What shapes do not have equal sides?

The shape that has not got equal side is a rectangle

Are the diagonals of a rectangle equal in measure?

Yes, because the side a and side c are always equal in length and side b and side d are always equal in length.

What is the length of the longest side of a rectangle with an area of 63?

Each side will be 6. Given only an area of 63, the shape will be a rectangle with four equal sides and each angle being 90 degrees.

-when you draw a rectangle with golden proportion sizes any time you cut a perfect square out of it remaining rectangle will maintain it's original proportiongoldenas far as it's length allows?

When you cut out a square from a rectangle shape you will not have the original proportion. A square has four equal side a rectangle has four side that are not equal.

What is the shape of a rectangle print?

a rectangle. it has four parallel sides each side is the same length as the one on the other side.

Which side is the length?

If it is a rectangle or square it does not matterThe longest side of a shape is usually referred to as the length. This particularly applies to rectangles.

Is the square and rectangle are the same?

One difference among them is shape or you can say that Square is Equal side but rectangle is Two side are equal i.e. opposite sides.

What is a hexagonal prism's 2D shape?

A rectangle with two hexagons on either side. The length of the hexagon's sides will be one sixth of the rectangle's length.

How many side's dose a rectangle?

Its 2 opposite sides are equal in length

What is a shape which has 4 equal side but its opposite sides are parallel?

A square or rectangle.