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A time graphs units is what is used for the y-axis. This is what show the speed in time.

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Q: Which units could you use for the y-axis of a graph of speed time to display the motion of an automobile?
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What is a visual display of data or information?

A visual display of data could be a graph, table or chart.

How can graphs be used to represent motion?

You could try a speed-time graph, or a distance-time graph.

Why is it appropriate to display categorical data in a bar graph but not a line graph?

Usually a bar graph is used to display data for a number of different items (such as a grocery store could have a sales graph displaying sales for produce, dairy, meat, etc.), while a line graph is used to show a trend (like sales volume over time).

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You can use MS Excel to create a graph from data in the spreadsheet or from an external source. You also can display a graph with MS Powerpoint. MS Word can display a graph, but usually does not create it.

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A circle graph

A visual display of data?

A graph

How would the graph change of the motion changed?

If the motion changes, the graph might show a different shape, slope, or position. For example, if the speed increases, the graph might show a steeper slope. If the direction of motion changes, the graph might show negative values or a curve. Any variation in the motion will be reflected in the graph.

A visual display of data or information?

It's called a graph, pie chart, or bar graph!

What is a speed and time graph called?

it is called a motion graph

What type of graph should be used to display percentage data?

a circle graph

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One can solve equations of motion by graph by taking readings of the point of interception.

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A visual display of data is called a chart, table or a graph.