Who is the famous mathematician?

Updated: 11/1/2022
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This question is too vague in it's composition for an accurate answer. A list of the most influential and prized mathematical minds could be provided, but their prominence and fame cannot really be ranked. Sir Issac Newton is one of the most well known mathematicians and his work affected every branch of mathematics in his era. His most famous work is Principia (1687).

  1. Isaac newton
  2. Carl F. Gauss
  3. Leonhard Euler
  4. Archimedes
  5. Bernhard Riemann
  1. Euclid
  2. Henri Poincaré
  3. Joseph-Louis Lagrange
  4. David Hilbert
  5. Gottfried W. Leibniz
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Q: Who is the famous mathematician?
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