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Q: Why a grab sample is preferred to a composite?
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What is the difference between grab and composite samples?

A composite sample is taken over a period of time, while a grab sample is a snap shot of what is in your well at the time you take the sample. Homeowner samples are generally grab samples.

Why is sample preferred to population in research?


Why is a sample usually preferred over a census?

Less time and less cost for a sample.

A simple method of obtaining an actual sample of seafloor sediment is with a?

grab sampler

What is the preferred method to select a sample population?

simple random sampling method

Why is sampling preferred over census?

Less time and less cost for a sample

Is there a way to use my capture card to grab the video off my XBox 360?

You can grab the video off your Xbox 360 if your capture card accepts component or composite signals.

Can you wear composite toe instead of steel toe cap?

Composite toe and steel toe safety shoes have the same function and meet the same standards, so they are interchangeable in most circumstances. Composite might be preferred to steel if you are working around electricity or in cold environments.

Why is sample preferred to population?

Sample is preferred to population because observing the population can be impossible due to its size. You take a random sample of the population and, with statistics, you can infer things about that population to various degrees of confidence based on the sample size and on other knowledge about the population. For instance, if you wanted to know how many people on earth have brown hair, you would not check all 6 billion people - you would create a sample set, say a few hundred, thousand, or whatever - count the number with brown hair - and then run your calculations.

Why is a census preferred to?

1) when the fixed cost of selecting a sample is high. 2) when there is high variability in the characteristic been measured. 3) when the population is small.

What is the probability of selecting a composite number over a prime number?

This cannot be answered Until and Unless a certain set of numbers are given as Sample Space.

What do activators do?

They help the blood sample in the tube clot so that serum can be separated for analysis. Serum is the preferred specimen for many tests such as hormones, proteins and electrolytes.