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Q: Why did juries in Athens have an odd number of judges?
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Why were juries in Athens designed to have a odd number of people?


Why did the juries in Athens have an odd number of members?

beacause it would be easier to rape each other

What in ancient Greece was made up of citizens had an odd number to prevent ties and decided court cases?


Why did most juries have an odd number of jurors?

This because if the vote of guilty or not guilty is tied the one extra juror will be able to decide guilty or not guilty. for example if there are 6, 3 vote guilty 3 dont it tied the extra one would help the tie breaker

Why did juries have odd numbers of members?

Juries normally have a odd number of members, as in certain/most cases where juries are present, the case may be a case which the decision will be difficult to find, so that would create problems (Which it has before) of Deciding a further decision when the juries make a close tie between the innocent and guilty. So, to make it simple, Juries have odd numbers to prevent having no verdict made. So if there is let's say a jury of 7, and 3 people say innocent, and 3 say guilty, one person will end up saying either choices, which will not cause multiple jury sessions, and lengthening of the verdict.

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How has the number of jury members changed?

If the number of jurors were even, then the judge would need to make a jurisdiction, and some judges are not fair. However, if the number of jurors were odd, then they could come to a conclusion on their own.

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