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An odd number times an odd number is an odd number no matter which 2 odds you multiply.

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Q: What is odd x odd?
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what is the buconditional statement for โ€œ if x is even and y is odd, then the sum of x and y is odd โ€œ?

x is odd

Four consecutive odd integers have a sum of 152?

first odd = x 2nd odd = x + 2 3rd odd= x +4 4th odd = x +6 x + x + 2 + x + 4 + x = 6 = 152 4x + 12 = 152 4x = 140 x = 35 35,37,39,41

Why are all multiples of 3 odd and even?

The multiples of all odd numbers are odd and even. Odd x odd = odd. Odd x even = even. Since odd and even numbers alternate, the multiples will alternate as well.

What is the sum of the first x odd numbers?

This depends on what "x" is. The sum of the first x odd numbers is equal to x^2 or x*x.

Consecutive odd integers can be represented by x and?

'x' can't represent an odd integer, simply because 'x' is not always odd.If you can guarantee that 'x' is odd, then the previous odd number is (x-2),and the next one is (x+2).The smallest number that MUST be odd for ANY value of 'x' is (2x-1).The smallest two consecutive odd integers for any value of 'x' are (2x-1) and (2x+1).

What is an odd function?

An odd function f(x) is one that satisfies the identity f(-x) = -f(x).

Are the multiples of an odd number always odd?

The multiples of ODD numbers by ODD numbers are ODD. (e.g. 1 x 3, 3 x 3, 5 x 3) Multiplying any number by an EVEN number produces an EVEN number.

Which is correct regarding the statement If x is an odd integer then the median of x x 2 x 6 and x 10 is an odd number?

The statement is true.

How is the function x plus sin x best described?

It is an increasing odd function.

Why the set of odd integers under addition is not a group?

Because the set is not closed under addition. If x and y are odd, then x + y is not odd.

What algebraic expression represents the sum of two odd integers?

x+x+2 The x is the first integer and x+2 is the odd integer since odd numbers are every other number. so the sum therefore is x+x+2

What is the composition of an even and an odd function?

For an even function, f(-x) = f(x) for all x. For an odd function, f(-x) = -f(x) for all x.

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