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Q: Why did people divide the sky into sections?
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Do astronomers divide the sky into galaxies?

no, they divide the sky into constellations

Four sections that divide a coordinate grid?

The intersecting x- and y-axes divide the coordinate plane into four sections.

When would you need to divide a documents to sections?

To format the sections with different numbers of columns.

How did ancient cultures group the stars in the sky.?

They named sections of the sky based on the patterns

When was Divide the Blackened Sky created?

Divide the Blackened Sky was created on 2012-03-26.

What are the three sections of the sky?

Troposphere, stratosphere and mesosphere

How do you convert 115 inches into 7 equal sections?

Divide it by 7.Divide it by 7.Divide it by 7.Divide it by 7.

How many straight lines are needed to divide a regular hexagon?

That depends how many sections you wish to divide it into.

Is A constellation a group of stars that separates the sky into definite sections and has been given a name?

Yes, a constellation is a group of stars that forms a recognizable pattern in the sky and has been given a name. Constellations are used as a way to divide the celestial sphere into different sections for easier navigation and identification of stars.

How is a document divided into sections?

You'd divide a document into sections to emphasize its logical structure: an overview, an introduction, a detailed discussion, followed by a concluding chapter and supplementary data, for example. You may also wish to divide a very large document into sections to make the individual sections more easily manageable than the whole.

Which state does Lake Michigan divide into two sections?


Which planes divide body into superior and inferior sections?

The plane that divides the body into the superior and inferior sections is called the transverse plane