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Q: Why do spirits stay in the corners of ceilings?
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These are found in the corners and ceilings of a haunted house?


Can you stay the night in Blarney Castle?

No. Its just a stone shell. All the ceilings have collapsed.

Why are the ceilings of a conference hall curved?

The ceiling of conference hall are curved so that after the light reflection reaches all corners of the hall, the room becomes bright.

Why do spirits stay here when they can go to a better place?

i think that spirits stay here either because they have loved ones that they don't want to part with or they need to do something.

Do spirits stay in old mirrors?

They are trapped between worlds

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You don't build ceilings.

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No Ceilings was created on 2009-10-31.

Why are some churches round?

Some churches are round in order to promote a sense of unity and inclusivity among worshippers, with no one person or group being placed above others. Round churches also symbolize the idea of eternal life and the unending nature of God's love.

What are some good hiding spots for Bullet cameras?

Bullet type security cameras, are ones that protrude out once mounted, and have a great range. Some good hiding spots for bullet surveillance cameras are at corners of buildings or from ceilings.

How does insulation save money?

You do not have to spend as much on heating costs because the heat in your home will stay inside for longer instead of passing through walls or ceilings.

Are ceilings and floors vertical?

Ceilings and floors are generally horizontal relative to gravity, whereas walls are vertical.

Why do cockroaches and lizards crawl on ceilings and walls?

It's safe to be in ceilings otherwise it will kill by human hand.