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To get enough thrust to have lot of wind move under the wings to have the wind lift it up...if you went backwards then the balance of the plane would make it impossible to pilot.

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Q: Why does an airplane have to move forward through the air to fly?
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What helps an airplane achieve flight by causing the airplane to move faster through the air?

the jet turbine

What is the shape of an airplane and why does this have this shape?

The commonly used fuselage shape allows the aeroplane to move forward through the air at a reduced drag. And the sectional shape of the wings create lift.

What holds the airplane in space?

Well the plane is flying through the air not through space. It is the pressure differential on the airfoils that make the plane move through the air.

What forward movement force of airplace provided by engines causes air to move over and under wings?

Thrust is the forward movement of an airplane that is provided by the engines. The thrust causes air to move over and under the wings and allows the plane to fly.

How does a eagle move?

An eagle uses its wings to move and fly as most birds do. The wings move up and down in order for air to flow through them and allow the eagle to move forward through the air.

Does the air above the airplane move faster than the air below the airplane?

That's true for the airplane's wings, when the airplane is flying upright.

How does airplane works?

As an airplane moves forward a vacuum forms on top of the wing. That vacuum lifts the airplane off the ground and into the air.

What does a propeller do on a turboprop airplane engine?

The propeller on a turboprop airplane engine spins to move the aircraft through the air. It acts in a way similar to that of the blade in a fan.

What is the differnce between the way an airplane and a helicopter fly?

An airplane flies by pushing its wings forward through the air. A helicopter flies by swinging its wings around in a circle. This enables the helicopter to attain flight-capable airspeeds on the wing surface without the helicopter itself having to move.

How airplane suspended in mid air?

Airplanes are NOT "suspended in mid air" - they move through the air and are supported by 'lift' derived from the differential air pressure above and below their wings.

How does an engine help an airplane fly?

an Engine moves the airplane forward, with enough power it can fly straight up. generally it's the airplane wings that catch air and create/sustain lift. So basically all the engines do is move it forwarded.

When does an airplane climb through air?

When you tell it to.

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