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That is the definition of the area of a rectangle. It does not work for any other shape.

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Q: Why does length x width work for finding area?
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How To work out Area?

You times length by width

How do you work out the length and width of a square?

The length and width of a square are equal. Thus, find the square root of the area and the answer = length= width.

How do you work out find out the area when the length is twice the width?

length*width = 2*width*width i.e square the width and multiply by 2

How do you work out the area of an object mathematically?

Length x width

What is the area of a rectangle that has a length of 23 a width of 20 and a height of 67?

To work out the area of a rectangle, multiply the length and the width. Therefore: Area=23*20=460

How do you find the width of a rectangle if you know its length and its area?

If you pretend that the width is X .Then you'll know that X times length = area. So if you say the length is 5 ,then the area is 10 the X must be 2 so the width is 2you simply work out what times the length makes the area.

How do you work out the squared meter area of a room?

width times length multiplied.

How do you work out what the square meter of an area is?

If it is a quadrilateral, you take the length times the width.

The fast complex volleyball court has an area of 132 mยฒ if the width of the court is 6 m what is the length of the court?

this answer is simply division just for a reminder of what I am doing here are how to work these length times width = area area divided by width = length area divided by length = width. we will be doing the second equation so 132 divided by 6 = 22 answer is 22

How do you work out area of a shape?

2D-Height x Width 3D-Height x Width x Length

What is the difference between an area and perimeter?

area is................ length x width perimeter is .......... length x width x length x width * * * * * WRONG. Area is the amount of space occupied by a shape. In the case of a rectangle, it is length x width, as stated above. But that does not work for circles, ellipses, triangles, other quadrilaterals and polygons and many other shapes, all of which have areas. A perimeter is the sum of all the lengths bordering the shape. The perimeter of a rectangle is NOT length x width x length x width but their sum! But again, that does not work for most other shapes.

What is the width of a rectangle with length 14 cm and area 161 cm2 show all the work?

Its width is 11.5 cm.Knowing that, it will be easy for you to reproduce the work.

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